QuickBooks Enterprise, the most powerful QuickBooks yet.

QuickBooks Enterprise delivers robust, easy-to-use, advanced functionality that scales with your business with an option to work from the cloud.

More integration, more automation, more productivity

Enterprise accounting

Enterprise gives you everything in one place—accounting, inventory management, reporting, pricing rules, job costing, payroll, time tracking, and more.

Get capacity for 1 million customers, vendors and inventory items, 100,000 classes, and 45 custom fields.

Maintain control of your data with custom user permissions. Delegate work by user or role, and assign access only to specific data, transactions, and reports.

Streamline order management with one central dashboard that controls your entire pick, pack, and ship process, including sending instructions to mobile devices.

Built-in payroll

Payroll is already fully integrated - no separate purchase required.

Easily prepare, file, and send W-2s and 1099s.

Quickly pay employees with checks, direct deposit, or both.

NEW! Offer your team a 401(k) retirement plan through Guideline that's fully integrated with QuickBooks.

NEW! Improve administrator productivity with detailed employee profile information available in a single Employee Center.

Integrated payments

Accept cards, eChecks and ACH transfers with QuickBooks Desktop Payments.

Get paid 1.4x faster than with paper invoicing.

Enterprise automatically records and matches your payment transactions.

Preferred rates available for Enterprise customers.

Multi-company management

Use a single dashboard to track and manage intercompany transactions and view combined reporting.

Take advantage of Advanced Inventory, setting user permissions, order management, job costing functionality, integrated payroll, and automated workflows.

Create intercompany transactions reports, with the ability to filter by date range, for better insight into completed historical transactions.

Easily establish, manage, and edit relationships among your business entities via one dashboard.

Pre-built and customizable reporting

Get more than 200 customizable, built-in reports, including 70 industry-specific reports—or build your own report.

Create and revise budget, plan, and forecast scenarios.

Manage inventory and sales fulfillment, track job costs, and view clients and expenses with reports tailored to your industries.

Manage inventory across warehouses with multi-level categorization

Track inventory items* down to the specific bin or pallet across warehouses or even trucks.

Easily transfer inventory from one location to another to meet demand without delays.

Use up to four levels of inventory categorization and assign expiration dates to sell items more quickly, reducing losses.

Landed cost

Factor in freight, duties, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses to calculate a more accurate cost for your products.

Gain flexibility by setting up landed cost accounts as COGS or “other current assets."

Calculate landed cost for old bill items from closed accounting periods.

Order management

Manage sales orders from one central dashboard from start to finish with our pick, pack, and ship tools.

Group orders together and apply the same action to them by batching.

Send electronic instructions to a picker through a mobile scanner* or Android device, or print them if you choose.

Use the Shipping Manager to fill out and print a label from UPS, FedEx, or USPS.


Keep costs down and profits up by tracking raw materials to finished goods, including labor and shipping with landed cost and bill of materials.

Make your manufacturing processes more efficient with automated inventory levels, builds, and purchase orders for all subassemblies and final assemblies.

Automate more inventory processes with tools like mobile barcode scanning* to speed up picking, receiving, and cycle count inventory updates.

Streamline order management by controlling your entire pick, pack, and ship workflow from one central dashboard, sending instructions to mobile devices across locations.


Get a true picture of all your costs with landed cost* calculations that include shipping, duties, taxes, insurance, and other fees.

Apply automatic pricing rules* to maintain profits while you reduce manual work.

Increase efficiencies with a single source for all your vendor information.

Use mobile barcode scanning* for picking, receiving, and cycle count inventory updates.

Integrate QuickBooks with top online stores and marketplaces with inventory counts updated automatically.

Construction and contractors

Track job costs in real time from estimate to final invoice right in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Manage your workforce wherever they are with cloud access.

Connect your office and field staff, schedule jobs, and invoice on site with Intuit Field Service Management.*

Sync time tracking on mobile devices* with QuickBooks.

Easily pay employees and contract workers with QuickBooks Payroll.

Professional services

Track projections to actual results with project costing.

Let employees keep track of time spent on specific projects from anywhere with QuickBooks Time Elite.

Quickly pay employees and contractors via check, direct deposit,* or both with QuickBooks Payroll.

Get the information you need with customizable reports built for professional services or create your own with Advanced Reporting

Cloud access

Run your business from from anywhere, anytime.

Boost collaboration and productivity by giving your team access to the same data at the same time.

Get more done with seamless access to Microsoft Office Suite and Google Chrome, and packages to connect over 200 apps.

Hosted data

Your data is hosted in the cloud, not at your office, so you can access it across locations.

Get 24/7 network availability and state-of-the-art protection.

Field service management

Connect your office and field staff with Intuit Field Service Management.

See who's doing what and where with real-time updates from the field.

Schedule jobs or reschedule work orders in real team.

Invoice on the spot at job sites.

Give your technicians easy access to the information they need to do the job right.

Choose the best QuickBooks Enterprise.


Basic functionality, business insights, and payroll. Starting at:

$ 1922 /yr

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  • Available in 1-10 or up to 30 users
  • Payroll built in
  • Cloud access (Additional fees apply)
  • Online backup data storage
  • Advanced Reporting
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle service
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Robust functionality with tools for your industry. Starting at:

$ 2363 /yr

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  • Available in 1-10 or up to 30 users
  • Payroll built in
  • Cloud access (Additional fees apply)
  • Online backup data storage
  • Advanced Reporting
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle service
  • Multi-company management
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Bill and PO workflow approvals
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Maximum functionality and automation. Starting at:

$ 4668 /yr

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  • Available in 1-10 or up to 40 users
  • Payroll built in
  • Cloud access (Additional fees apply)
  • Online backup data storage
  • Advanced Reporting
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle service
  • Multi-company management
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Bill and PO workflow approvals
  • QuickBooks Time Elite
  • Salesforce CRM Connector