When you hire an employee in a traditional relationship, you are committed to more than the base amount salary the employee receives. You must pay employee taxes, overhead for space and equipment as well as supplies, benefits and pay for time not worked, such as during vacations, holidays and sick time–even breaks and lunches. If you experience high turnover in the position, you will also realize considerable cost in recruiting, hiring, training, record maintenance and even severance pay. Your costs would break down something like this:

However, if you hire Quickbooks Proadvisor Inc, USA at an average rate of $50/hour, for an average of 20 hours a month, you avoid the expenses required to house and supply an employee. The current hourly range is anywhere from $45 – $75/hour in the Midwest. At tax time, Quickbooks Proadvisor Inc, USA is paid under 1099Misc, so filing is simple and you never have to open human resource files. You get an experienced, highly trained, quality assistant; plus, you get to keep your private space private! Costs for the Quickbooks Proadvisor Inc, USA breaks down something like this:

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Quickbooks Proadvisor Inc was Established to Provide Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation & Tax Filing Services To Corporations And small businesses throughout the US marketplace. We provide services to only business persuers.